Each of our lives are characterised by different habits, jobs and lifestyles as well as environments in which we live, work and play.. so why shouldn’t living sustainably be approached in the same way?

Liveability is a collaborative initiative that supports people to live the life they want, sustainably.

Founded by the LJ Hooker Sustainability team and supported by a group of top knowledge, council and community partners, Liveability is focused on supporting you to create your best home – healthy, efficient, comfortable and connected to community.

Together we are committed to providing the very best information to help you reduce your running costs and your impact on the environment without sacrificing your lifestyle.


You may wish to live off the grid, grow your own veggies and renovate your house to be completely energy efficient or maybe you’re living in an apartment and you just want to make small changes that are manageable for someone with a busy lifestyle such as energy efficient appliances and buying local, organic fruit and vegetables. Each day we are faced with numerous choices that impact the environment in different ways.

Liveability supports you to create your best home by living sustainably in ways that are meaningful to you.