Christopher Jones

Business Systems Operator

Chris has been the Business Systems Operator for our office since September 2013 and has taken to his role and the real estate industry with great enthusiasm.

Chris was born in Perth and attended John Curtin College of the Arts on a PEAC scholarship and studied specialist Drama. After high school he worked first in the fast food industry and then moved onto the video rental industry while working full-time there he completed his Diploma in Management.

Outside of work he has a range of hobbies and interests, including finding Perth’s best and unique restaurants (especially American-style dining), watching any and every movie released, reading fantasy and sc-fi novels (he fancies himself as a future best-selling author) and playing video games (in which his fiancé will say he does far too much).

Chris’ keen interest, attitude and attention to detail will ensure he is well prepared for the future of the ever-changing real estate industry.